Using Education Lead Generation Companies - Do They Work?

December 18, 2019 | Chris Davie

How To Leverage Education Lead Generation Companies


Inbound marketing has seen a rapid rise in higher education in recent years. Its focus on value verse promotion is especially effective for prospective students and their families, who are about to make a significant life decision.


That doesn't mean it has to live on its own. In fast-paced student recruitment cycles, additional layers can help to speed up the process of generating leads and nurturing these leads through the funnel. PPC marketing with Google and Facebook Ads, for instance, is a perfect example of augmenting organic traffic tactics for faster results as the long-term education lead generation strategy begins to kick in.


Social Media Marketing For Schools - 7 Metrics You Should Be Tracking

December 04, 2019 | Brandy Castle


How To Monitor Your School's Social Media Marketing


Within education marketing, it's almost impossible to look beyond social media as a crucial channel and opportunity. From unpaid organic efforts to paid ads, colleges and universities around the world are increasingly using Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts to reach their core audience. In that space, they compete with more than 60 million brands who actively use Facebook.


Given these numbers, it's tempting to just jump right in. Chances are you've already got a social media presence. The question is, are you being strategic?