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do you know your metrics? you should.


enrollment conversion calculator

Use this Enrollment Conversion Calculator to gain immediate insight into your enrollment funnel. Adjust the sliders with your current or projected lead and enrollment data to see and email the results.

Full-Funnel Enrollment Calculator

Use the calculator to:

  • Develop successful enrollment goals and revenue growth strategies.
  • Understand how many leads and what marketing spend is necessary to achieve your enrollment goals.
  • Understand how your Marketing and Admissions Team is performing.
  • Identify areas of opportunity in your enrollment process to drive positive growth.
  • Understand your marketing Return on Investment (ROI).

Calculator tips:

  • Determine a set time frame for your enrollment conversion data. For example monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • Larger time frames will help you better understand true performance over time and not focus on the short-term fluctuations that occur.
  • Compare different time periods to identify trends or possible trigger events that fueled growth or declines in student enrollment.

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full-funnel enrollment calculator

want to grow your enrollment?

YOU CAN. Access our Full-Funnel Enrollment Growth Calculator with conversion metrics at each stage of the enrollment journey.


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Sonority Group is a marketing and enrollment optimization company dedicated to helping organizations reach their goals. We use data-driven strategies to develop tailored campaigns that deliver exceptional results.

Our team of passionate experts is dedicated to achieving measurable success by leveraging the latest insights and cutting-edge technologies. With years of experience, we possess an unparalleled understanding of the marketing, advertising, and website initiatives that drive client success.

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