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Social Media Marketing For Schools - 7 Metrics You Should Be Tracking

How To Monitor Your School's Social Media Marketing:

Within education marketing, it's almost impossible to look beyond social media as a crucial channel and opportunity. From unpaid organic efforts to paid ads, colleges and universities around the world are increasingly using Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts to reach their core audience. In that space, they compete with more than 60 million brands who actively use Facebook.

Given these numbers, it's tempting to just jump right in. Chances are you've already got a social media presence. The question is, are you being strategic?

Reach Gen Z with Your School's Social Media Marketing On Instagram

Improving Your School's Social Media Marketing on Instagram:

The conversation has been all about...

Social Media Marketing For Schools - Are You Leveraging Your Community?

It's Time Your Students Get Involved

We've truly arrived in the digital age. Today, almost...

Sometimes It's Better To Be Decisive Than Right

I remember exactly the moment I heard a colleague say “Sometimes it’s better to be decisive than...