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Build a competitive advantage with new methodologies in higher education marketing and enrollment conversion.

Nurture prospective students through their entire enrollment funnel journey with our education marketing services for schools.

Sonority Group Marketing Growth Services
  • is your school's enrollment growing?

  • are you reaching the right students?

these questions tell a story...

Schools that are leveraging technology, processes, and content are connecting with their prospective students in authentic ways. In today's education landscape, hard-sell marketing and admissions strategies are a thing of the past.

Why? It's about the student!

our admissions funnel strategies will:

  • Reduce overall marketing spend
  • Improve marketing performance and return on investment
  • Improve lead quality and quantity
  • Reach the right students who enter in your programs
  • Increase conversion rates during the student enrollment journey
  • Increase retention and graduation rates

A well-developed education marketing plan coupled with excellent execution will do all of these things.

We know this because we're an education marketing agency that specializes in helping your school reach its maximum potential. 

We partner with growth-minded schools that have a student-centric focus.

Let's jump on a call, learn a bit, and see if the Sonority Group Team can help!

the right partnerships to help your growth. 

education marketing services

Marketing Stategy

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Beginning with market research and positioning, we develop target audiences, key messages, a content and communication plan for the team to execute.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We drive search engine ranking and visibility by leveraging optimized content, networked content distribution, highly focused keyword optimization and data markup to ensure search engines understand your website.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In the highly competitive search engine marketing ecosystem, we utilize all available campaign formats and networks driven by experience and the power of sophisticated machine learning and AI tools.


Social Media Marketing

Whether driving leads, growing your higher education social media marketing presence or increasing engagement, we will deploy and manage all aspects of your paid social media campaigns.


Programmatic & Connected TV (CTV) Advertising

Utilizing diverse display inventory such as connected TVs, digital billboards and private networks like Disney+ or Hulu, we are able to reach your target audiences across their entire digital experience.


Content Creation & Graphic Design

Our education marketing for schools focuses on and utilizes website pages, landing pages, blog post and long-form content like ebooks or case studies to attract, nurture and convert prospects.


Marketing Automation

Lead nurturing and management is key to growth, with the use of technology we automate many of the daily marketing and sales tasks (including email) to create efficiencies and save resources while improving the experience for your prospects.


Marketing Technology (MarTech)

Marketing technology like CRMs, Analytics, and Ad Platforms sit at the heart of most successful marketing initiatives, we configure, optimize and integrate these technologies together as a stack to have complete transparency of performance across marketing campaigns.


about sonority group

Sonority Group is a digital marketing agency for schools specializing in helping you reach your utmost potential.

We are a leader in education marketing and enrollment conversion methodologies. Each marketing and sales dollar works harder and drives growth further. 

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