Focus, Don't Lose It On The Tire!

March 25, 2015 | Chris Davie
Focus, Don't Lose It On The Tire!


One of the areas Sonority Group works closely with clients on is their focus.  In a recent meeting with the CEO of a small business, he expressed his struggles staying focused on the things that will really move his organization forward. Instead his time is filled with all the daily to-dos, keeping people on-task and the demands of running his own company. Our conversation shot me back almost 20 years to the moment my views on focus where shaped from a pretty nasty mountain bike wreck.


I was blazing down a trail off the Ute pass in Colorado and things suddenly went very wrong. For some reason while up on my pedals I looked down at my font tire and not the trail ahead…  You can imagine what happen next, let’s just say I was very lucky in more ways than one.  Aside from the pain of my mistake, I had a moment of clarity that came to affect the way I look at life and most certainly business. 


Keeping on the mountain bike for just a moment. Whether climbing a peak or feeling the reward of darting down the other side of a grueling climb you must keep your eyes focused on the path ahead, not the trail under your tires. With the right focus it is amazing how your brain and body work together and effortlessly predict to overcome the obstacles. It’s a fluid motion, a harmony that athletes, musicians and many others feel as they let their bodies and minds resonate together.


Now lets take this concept into the world of business with jammed inboxes, endless meetings and to-do list that look more like they are for a two-week run to the grocery store. Where is the harmony in laboring over checking off to-dos? There is satisfaction from accomplishment, but I have yet to find the real harmony in this routine unless these task are clearly linked to the ultimate goal and that is where I am truly focused. Am I looking at my tire or the trail ahead?


At Sonority Group we work to help our clients and their teams take their eyes off the tire, go beyond the single fallen tree, and focus on the entire ride. To build something that lasts, you must have everyone completely tuned into the ultimate goals, whatever they might be for the organization. People need to feel the importance of and understand how they impact achieving them. When everyone in the organization knows the target and understands how their part affects it, that same sense of harmony comes alive across the business. 


So keep focused on the trail ahead!





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