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Industry and Education Collaboration [A Key To Sustainability]

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As I was being interviewed for an article that explores the state of education and training in broadcast audio by Dan Daley of Sports Video Group, it dawned on me how this issue affects so many other types of professions and the schools training in those professions. Not a new topic but one that got me thinking. How does an industry needing qualified new talent, that will be gainfully employed, keep their pipeline filled if students are not attracted to the programs training them in these particular areas?

In the case of this article, and broadcast audio specifically, I think the industry / education partnerships are paramount to support developing programs and the ecosystem that clearly address the needs of the networks. The students are out there, many times they just don't know what the multitude of options are in the broad scope of a career path. Developing an informative branding effort around the idea of being a broadcast-sports audio professional, in collaboration with the networks, starts to build the awareness for everyone involved. When the industry flourishes so do the schools training their workforces.

The schools that effectively bridge the needs of industry with their program offerings, and then wrap that in a clear and compelling message reaching today's Millennial students, will hold the advantage regardless of program or industry. Maybe easier said than done, sure, but a lynchpin to the sustainability of all involved.


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